The best way to secure your home,
your family, your business.

Having an alarm system installed is an excellent defense against burglaries and break-ins, and an effective deterrent. Your alarm system will not only discourage would-be intruders, but it can give you other control features which will make your life easier, safer, and more convenient.

Few alarm system owners or those contemplating the purchase of a new system understand how they communicate signals to the alarm company. The alarm control panel is in effect a computer. It has door, motion, heat and smoke sensors attached to it and it knows when you turn it on and off. When the system is turned on and a sensor is tripped it notifies the alarm company. How? Ninety nine percent of all alarm systems simply make a phone call, to the alarm company's digital receiver, also a computer. They use the same telephone line that you use in your home or business to make calls. This phone line is the weakest link of any security system. If it should be compromised accidentally due to a storm or intentionally by an intruder, your system will no longer be able to communicate with your alarm company central station. With a radio transmitter transmitting your signals via the AlarmLink radio network you can once again be assured your signals will get through. Don't get cut off. You have, or are considering a security system because you are at risk of a burglary or a fire, additionally you are at risk of having a telephone line outage.

As a consumer you will need to know about alarm equipment that is available to you as well as the alarm companies in your area. Any alarm company in AlarmLink's service areas can provide you with the highest level of security. Many alarm companies won't bring up phone line integrity because they believe that they will become non-competitive. You will need to ask your alarm company to inform you and quote on more secure methods of alarm transmission. The best costs a little more. If you want a real security system then you have to be prepared to pay a little more for it.

When you finally decide on the right system for you and an alarm company to provide it, take a look at the bottom of the alarm agreement. Your may find a sentence similar to this, "Customer has refused wireless backup at this time". This is the company's out in the event your phone line gets cut. It makes it your responsibility.

 Simple things you can do.

No one can guarantee a world free of crime or complete safety today, but taking steps toward crime prevention is one proven way of reducing your chances of becoming a victim. There are some very simple and inexpensive steps you can take to help secure your home and family against a burglary or break-in.  

  • Pay attention to outdoor lighting. It deters burglars who can easily hide in the dark.
  • Lock your doors even when you are home. Make this a habit. If you have children, train them to do the same.
  • If you have an attached garage, install an exterior grade lock on the inside door to the house.
  • Install locks on windows, and use them.
  • In summer, secure screens so they can't be jimmied or cut.
  • Always lock up at night.
  • When you go away on vacation have the post office hold your mail, and stop newspaper delivery.
  • Install smoke detectors, and get a kitchen fire extinguisher.
  • Get rid of old, combustible paints and chemicals.
  • Store matches in covered glass containers.
  • Use a fireplace grill.
  • Join a Neighborhood Watch program in your area.
  • Know the telephone number for your local police and emergency services.
  • Have a burglar alarm system installed by a trusted professional installer.
  • Ask about the options, such as monitoring services and wireless alarm transmission.

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